Refund Policy

You can cancel your Dubtube subscription at any time. We only issue refunds for some services. Before you cancel, review our refund policies in this guide.

Before you begin

All Dubtube subscriptions are independent from each other and are set to auto-renew. 

Website refund policy

We don’t offer refunds for:

  • Annual plans 
  • Monthly plans
  • Renewal payments – If you don’t want Digital Products to renew automatically, you can disable auto-renew.

Request a refund

If you believe you’re eligible for a refund but haven’t received one, contact us by reaching out by email via . We review every refund request, and aim to respond in two business days.

If you haven’t received the refund you’re expecting, but it’s been fewer than 10 business days, the refund may still be in process. Refunds can take 3 to 10 business days to appear on your card statement.